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The polyurea is a synthetic polymer obtained from the reaction of a diamine with a diisocyanate, polymerization reaction is very similar to polyurethane one, but in case of polyurea, resulting link is a "urea", so it is called polyurea.
By this link we get from generating molecular structure an insensitivity to moisture, thus making the polyurea (if pure) the best waterproof membrane.

Properties of Polyurea

  • Reaction, application and maturation faster than any other technology

  • Material performance is not affected by humidity and temperature.

  • High termal resistance and good elasticity at low temperature.

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Excellent fracture elongation

  • It is applied to the desired thickness with one pass

  • Develops excellent adhesion to all surfaces.

  • Saves application time and labour costs

  • Waterproof and durable

  • Free of VOC's and solvents (100% solid)

  • Eco-friendly product



The uses of Polyurea are unlimited and can be applied to any surface, some application are:

  • waterproofing of rooms, roofs and terraces

  • waterproofing and finishing surface in swimming pools and fountains

  • waterproofing of water - sewage - fuel tanks

  • sealing of basements and tanks

  • architectural and decorative investments as well as many other applications


The biggest advantages of polurea are:

its enormous mechnanical strength

the very high elasticity

the absolute adhesion it aquires

the excellent waterproofing it offers

its single surface without joints or joins

the ability to apply it to any surface of any shap, even if there is obstacles (bases of solar systems, antennas etc.

the application speed

the very high life expectancy

V Coat P5000


Highly reactive two-component, solvent-free, pure polyurea spray elastomer, certified according to EN 1504-2 for the protection and repair of concrete surfaces. All our products product have a CE marking.

Polyurea Coating

Application Fields

Waterproofing & protection of

  • concrete surfaces
  • polyurethane spray foam systems
  • metal surfaces
  • other substrates
  • Fast cure 10 ”
  • Temperature resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Weather resistant
  • 100% adhesion
Data Processing

Application with high pressure plural component proportioner

Unit Value
Mixing ratio Parts by volume 100: 100
(Resin: Iso)
Processing Temperature:
Component A
Component B
° C
° C
70 - 80
70 - 80
Processing Pressure:
Component A
Component B
160 - 200
160 - 200

Product Category: Spray Systems

Application: Polyurethane Spray Foam System


Some of the many uses



Swimming Pools

Basement Waterpoofing

Seamless Membrane Waterproofing

Water Tanks

Plus many more applications

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