We specialise in the construction of:

  • Insulation
  • Architectural mouldings
  • Decorative elements
  • Themes for parks
  • Special events
  • Weddings
  • Clubs
  • Specialty custom orders.

We specialise in open and closed cell Polyurethane spray insulation system applications, Polyurea spray systems for roofs, terraces, swimming pools and basements waterproofing spray seamless membranes, drinking water resevoirs, water tanks and in integrated thermal facade systems.

Absolute waterproofing of a house with Polyurea

pic 1

Polyurea is derived from the chemical reaction of osccyanate (R_NCO) and amine resin (RNH)

pic 2

Energy saving and absolute insulation with the best investment material, polyurethane

pic 3

Waterproofing with Polyurethane Foam & Polyurea

pic 4

Certified waterproofing and thermal insulation system

Further information about Insane Creations

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